Our Aspiration
Parallel+ envisions a dynamic art space where the enchanting concept of "Komorebi" guides our journey. We strive to be a beacon of creativity, fostering an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Our vision is to create a dynamic space that resonates with the transformative power of contemporary art, fine art objects, and innovative designs, becoming a destination that sparks inspiration and resonates with art enthusiasts worldwide.

Our Purpose
Parallel+ is committed to introducing and showcasing contemporary art, fine art objects, and designs crafted by creative individuals from Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines through various collaborative projects. Our mission includes curating engaging exhibitions in dynamic gallery spaces, participating in art fairs, and fostering collaborations with other creative venues. Aligned with our dedication to promoting creativity, we aim to act as a catalyst for artistic expression and exploration. We deepen our commitment by fostering a profound connection with the artists we promote and emphasizing their unique craftsmanship, thus elevating our own individual artistic senses. This approach creates an environment where their visions can flourish and resonate with a global audience.



Art & Design

Founded in January 2024